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User Rants & Raves

If you have tried our products here is your chance to praise or punish us.

Let ‘er rip!


Septic Tank Panic

We get a lot of phone calls about septic tank concerns. Our products are safe for septic tanks by the way, and we state that right on the front of the labels.

Petroleum products and pesticides are some of the the worst offenders. That being said, it is really the amount of the offending material that determines the level of harm.

Myth: “If you put chemicals down the drain you will harm your septic tank.” I found this overly broad statement repeated around the web. Reminds me of “You are going to poke your eye out!”

Truth: Moderate use of even the most harsh cleaners are unlikely to do any harm. Not that we suggest that you use them, but it’s good to know the facts. And save your money and skip the septic tank additives.

Maybe nowadays we have to dumb down information just in case some bloke goes off the deep end with a product. Or maybe my mom is secretly writing the precautions for everything.

I have a septic tank as well, and you do want to protect the investment. Our very credible friends at the University Of California Davis have some good information. Here is the link: http://cecalaveras.ucdavis.edu/septic.htm

And put that pencil down before…

Post any questions or experiences that you would like to share.


Post Your Photos

This will be fun!

Take a before and after photo and videos when using our products and email to info@edfredcorp.com for us to post or upload following the instructions at the bottom of the page. Click on the link at top of the page to view them, “Before & After Photos”.

We will credit with you name if you like, or anonymous.

I thought I would throw this one in from Marti Morrison in Texas to get your ideas rolling. (What did you think this was before your read the caption?)

Toilet Bowl Rust Stains Before Using Edfred Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet Bowl Rust Stains Before Using Edfred Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Must Have How To’s For Users

Here is a remodeling tip. Check out the article by Orchard Supply Hardware on how to re-grout tile. Also note that we have customers tell us that they were going to replace their toilet because of rust stains until they used our Cling N Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner. So before your replace a toilet give it a try.

Here it the link: http://www.osh.com/Cultures/en-US/Articles/RenovationDecoration/Regrouting.htm