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On The Air – KSCO AM 1080

EDFRED Corporation was pleased to have the opportunity to be given air time on Santa Cruz, California radio station KSCO on December 10, 2009. Don Brown represented EDFRED and local retailers with a brief interview by host talk show host Charley Freedman, discussing the history and products of EDFRED.

(Yes, there really was an Ed & Fred. They were industrial chemists who as an aside to their main business filled a need for industrial grade shower & toilet bowl cleaning formulations for household applications. These gentlemen knew a thing or two about toilet bowl rust and hard water scale!)

The event sponsor was Think Local First – County of Santa Cruz, a organization that promotes the patronage of locally owned businesses. EDFRED Corporation is a member in support of our locally owned retailers. Listeners were encouraged to buy EDFRED “products that really work” from these retailers such as local Ace Hardware Stores and Deluxe Foods of Aptos. These retailers are our most dedicated within the United States, who carry just about everything EDFRED makes.

Thank you Charley and KSCO for being such a great host. We loved the station tour and the chance to meet the rest of the staff faces to the radio voices.

By the way, also in attendance we found Kimberly Parrish of Zag Design Group, the preferred source for EDFRED graphics work. She is not only the “go to artist” for EDFRED but also the bright smile in the crowd at these social events. Cheers Kimberly!

Santa Cruz County retailers should seriously check out the Think Local First link below – they are a great organization.

If you can receive KSCO AM 1080 check out Charlie’s great commute slot show:

“Happy Hours PM Commute w/ Charley Freedman w/ Dave Michaels In Command”
4:00-7:00pm Weekdays

KSCO AM 1080
Think Local First – County Of Santa Cruz
Zag Design Group

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